I have no experience in modding so dont get to mad if i whrite something stupid.
well here it goes:
Recently i have been trying to find my dream guitar. I have looked everywhere but
couldent really find one that felt right.
Then i found the PRS MIRA and i love how it looks. the model is just great.
Its simple and it looks kind of retro. I like it alot=)

Now theres a problem. The sound is cool and all but its too mutch of a omar rodriguez lopez sound. Dont get me wrong i love the mars volta and omar but its not really the sound im looking for.

I would really like it to have a warmer "zappa" type of sound. You know like a gibson SG.
well why dont i buy an SG you wonder. Well lets just make it short. I have tried both
guitars and the MIRA is really nice to play. Feels just right for me=)

So my question is: "Is it possibel to make a MIRA get a warmer ZAPPA/SG type of sound?"
"Is it possible to use SG pickups?"
"or should i use any other type of prs pickups?"

Trying to make a dream come true here so please help=)
oh! and im sorry if some of my english is bad. its been a while since i wrote in english.
Miras are fscking beautiful. I'm not sure what kind of pickups Zappa used in his SGs but I'm pretty sure any kind of vintage PAF style would work, but you gotta make sure you have all the extra series/parallel/phase switching stuff he had on his as well.
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try to EQ it differently before modding the guitar?
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If you want a Gibson sound... Use Gibson pickups. Get a set of 57 Classics for that baby, or if you want something a bit different, Burstbuckers work. Although I believe the majority of SG's that have covered pickups use 57 classics. The others use Gibsons other pickups (490, 496, 500).

Which one did you play and prefer the sound of?
The Standard has a 490R neck, 496T bridge. '61 Reissue has the 57 Classic humbuckers. Special has two 490 pickups in it. Then there's the Angus Young signature pickup as well...
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