well the moment is finally here, in september i'll be buying my new guitar (throwing my gio out :p) and start/join a band, I've been playing for 4 years now but mainly with guitar pro/the cd in the background.

I'm finally confident enough that I can get out on a stage and not leaving it in shame :p, this mainly cuz I went to some concerts and some bands (which actually had cds allready) sounded crap to me,

i'll be co-leading it with my best friend, who has actually gotten some experience in bands, yet never made it to a show because of band break-ups before they were there :p

we will be playing either metalcore (cuz of this friends musical taste) or death/prog/techical death metal (my taste), or a mix of both, i'm sure we can find an agreement on our style.

Now my question is: are there things I should know before starting a band, stuff I should pay attention to when recruiting the basist/2nd guitar player/singer, anything to be honest!

please share your wisdom/experience with starting a band, any help is welcome

(ps I also practise in front of a mirror so I don't look like a douche while playing, last night a guitar player didn't shut his mouth during the whole concert, while the other guitar player kept standing in the center of the stage, forcing the singer into the background, he just wouldn't move for three songs, it was awkward tbh)

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i would say keep in mind that when you find a 2nd guitar player, find someone who you can get along with, you will probobly be working with them alot. and see if you can find someone who has a style of playing that compliments your and vice versa
yeah I tend to play extremely rhytmic, I love polyrhitmic stuff so i'll probably have to adapt myself a little since not many people like/like to play this.

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1. Find people who aren't egotistical. Find people who are the absolute best players you can get to join your band. Don't let someone in because they are your best friend in the world, unless they are good.

2. Don't get a big head about your band. It sounds like you already are a little bit. Don't. It will be your downfall in the long run.

3. Play as many shows as you can. Who cares if its not in a huge venue with a stage and lights and a PA. The best shows I've played have been in a DIY venue run out of someones basement. It gives you experience, and its still just as fun.