they're apparently a decent place to buy from, they even set your guitar up in whatever tuning you want.

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I bought my Schecter from them, no complaints.
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^yeah, they are basically the best schecter retailer online and have some nice custom shop models from various popular brands like ESP, Jackson, Musicman.
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Anyone knows of their return policies? I emailed them and they said they offer a 48 hour approval... Plus they send an ernie ball strap, 8 picks, an extra set of strings and a t-shirt. Sound good? I think it sounds a little bit too good lol
They're a pretty awesome retailer. I'd say buy from them if you can.

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I used to live in Colorado, and I have been to the shop a few times. They are great to work with, and have taken care of any issues I have had.

I bought a Schecter C7 several years ago, and found that the truss rod had broken within a month or so. They allowed me to return it and exchange for an ESP LTD.

Great shop... highly recommended.
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Yea, great place to buy Schecters from. They get alot of prototype models and stuff that you won't find anywhere else.
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they are awesome, got my schecter from them. and they got some sweet schecter prototypes. the best part is they set up your guitar how u want it (tuning, action, string gauge, etc.). and my schecter came with free extra set of strings, multiple picks (like 20 of them), and a free schecter t-shirt. shipping is $20 for guitars, but it's worth it.
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