I was carrying my cab up my basement stairs, set it down on the floor, and had the back part of the cab fall out on me. The Part that I connect to my head came out, and the wires connecting it got undone. Can this be fixed?

Sorry if this sounds confusing. The wires attached to the speakers got ripped out when the back fell off. Can i just soldier them back on?
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It can definitely be fixed, but it's not something I'd recommend you do yourself.

You definitely don't want to just soldier them back on though. That would basically leave you with bare wiring, and would be a recipe for a short.
it is easily fixable, but if you've not done this sort of stuff before then take it to a tech and get it done proper.
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No worries. The loose wires should just slide on to the +/- tabs on the speaker... unless you see bare wire or solder on the ends.

You just have to get the +/- right.

Check out the wire connectors in this picture. They just slide onto the tabs on the speaker. Usually you can tell where each wire goes by correctly orienting the back panel with the speaker jack (the one that you plug your speaker cable from your amp into) and see how the wires runs naturally to the speaker.

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