Good song, I like it. Did you record it using just a single mic? The guitar sound is really "old-timey", almost like an old steel-string that's never gotten new strings.

I think this is a song that could benefit a lot from a nice arrangement with some subdued drum work and the odd piano part. It also definitely needs some harmonies for the chorus instead of just doubling. Are you planning on re-recording it later with a full band treatment?
first thanks for the crit.
it sound pretty good. it needs maybe another guitar and maybe soft drums. your singing sounds a little wierd but not bad . your guitar playing is clean and interesting. you also have nice lyrics. overall a nice song keep up the good work.
Thanks for the crit mate!

This piece is great in its simplicity. You could add another guitar track but I mean theres a certain integrity to it with its 'one bloke, a guitar and a message to tell' vibe. I like that vibe.
The double tracked vocals add some warmth to it and the whole thing is a really soothing sort of ditty. Very relaxing.

Solid effort mate.
"I feel sorry for James Blunt, he has to wake up every morning and think 'Ah man, I'm James Blunt'"
thanks for the crit! I like this song alot! Could i say try and put some things behind it, drums, bass, maybe a bit of a synth line, it's a great song but you could take it soo much further
yea really weird guitar tone, it almost sounds ukulele-ish. i liked it though very relaxing. vocals kind remind me of Elliott Smith crossed with Earl Grant. pretty chill though. a little simple but it works, it would be nice to get some more instruments in there. crit songs on my profile?