I'm in a bit of conundrum here. My band has started to play in larger venues and my bass amp generally can't muster up enough power to cut through the mix. That has been partially solved thanks to a Bass POD XT Live that I've just bought.

Everything sounds fine and dandy on the outside because I run the bass through the POD and into the PA but hearing it on stage is a whole different case ! The monitors provided in the venues generally can't power the low frequencies and start to clip giving a horrible sound on stage.

Now, I can bring my amp along and use it as a monitor and run a DI through to the mixing console (Post EQ). However, I want some of the tonal characteristics of the modeled amps/cabs of my POD to come through the PA. We have a pretty big gig coming up in about a months time, so I want everything to sound as good as it can. (Its an outdoor gig; huge place). Basically, I want the same sound I get on stage to come out through to the PA or vice versa.

Here's the setup I'm thinking of using :

Bass > Bass POD XT Live > Amp (Flat EQ) > DI > Mixer > PA

Here's the thing though - Will the modeled amps and cabs sound the same through my bass amp AND the PA at the same time ? If not, how do I get the same tone through my amp and the output ? What about effects ? (Which generally sound pretty bad without amp/cab models)

It'd be great if you guys could share your live rig you use for both the output and the monitoring.

I hope I could explain.
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How many watts is your amp?

Also, I always just mic my amp.

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As a general rule anytime you run your signal through another piece of gear there will be sound degradation, in addition even an amp with a flat EQ will color your sound to some extent. I would say your best bet if possible is to run headphones out of your POD and use that to monitor your sound.
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I'm good if the amp has just a tiny bit of coloring. Would it be too much though ?

I'll look into the headphones thing. Sounds like a good idea !
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you could do bass>POD>Direct box>PA/amp?
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Split the signal and go into the amp and PA separately ? If the amp DOES color the sound a whole lot; I'd get 2 different tones really.

How much does the amp color the tone though ? I'm running a Hartke 5500 through Hartke 2x10 and a 4x10. If any one has some experience with amps and their "coloring"; please do help me out. I don't have the amp right now as they have been rented by one of my friends. (Yes, it pays for itself )
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If there's one thing I've learnt in my limiting gigging experience, it's that your stage sound will never sound like the sound in the audience. Nothing you do will make it sound the same, it would be almost impossible unless the venue had two identical PA systems, one point at the audience and one pointing at the band. I would just hope that the sound guy is doing his job well (probably isn't happening, but at least if he's doing something productive) and as long as you can hear yourself be happy. I've played a gig using nothing but a 30 watt Yorkville as a monitor and I couldn't even hear myself on stage.
Using the amp DI shouldn't color the sound too much, but using a DI box after the POD will work the best at preserving your tone.
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buy a mic, seriously.

Why don't they use the same speakers they use for the audience? I don't see why it should be different.. meh.

When you're soundchecking next time, come off the stage and listen to it through the audience's speakers.
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Thanks for the advice. I think I'll DI it out of the amp, since it seems to be the best option right now. If that doesn't work, I'll have to go with headphones.

Yes, I know the situation with sound engineers and their extra "tweaking". Most of the time they have no idea on room acoustics and how it affects the sound or using their EQs unless you hold their fingers and walk them through it. Its something you have to live with really. Nothing the band can do. There are, however, good ones who know exactly what to do but they're like endangered animals or something and they get taken in by the bigger gigs.
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