Alright, so within a few weeks I will travel from California to New York to go back to school. I'll need my guitar with me, but I want to be extra careful now that I have a newer one.

As a result, I'm looking for a hard case. What's a good, tough, reliable one that fits my LTD MH-401QM? I'd prefer something lower priced, of course, but do not want to sacrifice safety.

I'm flying Virgin America. Anyone here have experience with them? Would they let me carry my guitar on the flight, even with the hard case?

Will this case fit my guitar? Is it a worthy auction to bid on?
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Judging by the molded shape inside it looks like it should fit it just fine, and not a bad deal so far either. I would definitely try to grab it. I doubt you will be able to bring it as a carry on from what I remember of baggage size, but I haven't flown commercial in quite a while now...maybe their website has dimensions?
i got a mono case and it was the first time ive been allowed to carry on a guitar on a plane
i recommend them but its not hardshell its a hybrid but its def not anything like a gig bag its really secure... it think theyre worth checking out. much more nifty and easier to get around with MUCH easier to carry around than a hardshell

Order One of the flight cases from www.rondomusic.com

They look like you could throw them of a building and your guitar wouldnt be scratched
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hey "the red comet"

well , a good guitar case for your guitar would be*since its a superstrat ,a case should be easy to find"

esp mh/m series case 119 $ (music123.com)
but i recommend
skb economy universal case 94$ http://www.music123.com/SKB-Economy-Universal-Electric-Guitar-Case-541621-i1177901.Music123

my skb case protected my guitar really well (i flew from the US to Dubai,Uae)

Thanks for the replies! Any more suggestions? I've yet to hear a single suggestion twice, so I'm not really sure which one to go with yet.

The mondo cases look very nice! Unfortunately they cost about double the other ones. Is it really worth it for me? The pictures make them look kinda soft. What's special about them?
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Thank you, Red Comet, for restoring a bit of my faith in human kind.
The case you're looking at is a hardcase, not a flightcase.

If you plan on checking your guitar in, a proper flightcase from a company like SKB is the safest way to go. They can be quite costly, though, but they will last for ages and of course you can use it for other guitars as well.

Whenever I fly with a guitar I go for a hardcase, since your usually allowed to carry those as cabin luggage (although the more "budget" an airline is, the chance that it's not allowed increases). The only downside is that a hardcase isn't as durable as a flightcase, so in the event you do have to check it in, there's a bigger risk of damage.
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Isn't the Mh just a regular super strat body type?

Yeah I guess it's pretty regular. Compared to my strat the headstock is tilted backwards a bit and is much sharper, otherwise the shape is pretty close.
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Thank you, Red Comet, for restoring a bit of my faith in human kind.