ok this is hard to explain but im confused.

i want to get pod farm for all the effects and stuff but u cant use that away from your computer eg. gigs

but then there is pod x3.

that i know you can use for gigs but can you use it on the computer? like podfarm?

ahhh explain some one please and put me out my mysery, lol so basicaly i want pod farm but want to be able to use it with my band at gigs, yet still have it for the computer,

anyone no the solution?
thanks a lot
Yes the Podx3 can be used on the computer. You plug it in via USB and download the free gear box software. You can then play on the computer as well as edit patches and download new patches from Line6.
thanks but i take it that the free gear wont be as good as pod farm?

and will i be able to record on there to?
Yeah you can use the POD X3 with the PC via USB.

Are you talking about POD X3 or POD X3 Live?

Cause if your looking for a multi-effects processor, I would recommend the BOSS GT-10.
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from the podx3 link on line6.com

"Use the built-in tone of your POD X3 as a plug-in! Just a free download away. click to download podfarm."
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what so if i have pod x3 i can download a software for free?

thats wat i wanted to do i just want to be able to record into it.

and does anyone know if i would be able to record straight into logic?

POD Farm is Mac AU/RTAS/VST and Windows RTAS/VST compatible for seamless integration with all major recording software applications.

System Requirements
512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)

1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)

Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)

CD-ROM drive

Mac(R) AU/RTAS(R)/VST(R) and Windows(R) RTAS(R)/VST(R) compatible

G4 800MHz or better

OS X 10.4.6 or better

Pentium(R) IV 1.2GHZ or better

Windows XP (SP2), Windows XP x64, Vista 32-bit and 64-bit
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