Man im looking for a guitar and i played that Taylor DN5 and i was blown away! All i could say was WOW!
I wish i was a more seasoned player to justify me spending that kind of money on a guitar.
It was pricy but probably the best sounding guitar i have heard to date! Does anyone on here own one or have played one?
And next question is...how would a 100 or 200 series compare to the DN5 model?
There's probably more "meat" on an all-solid wood-guitar than the ones with laminate such as the 100/200 series. Some people in here identify those guitars with the spawn of the devil because they're quite high price tagged for what you get. I still believe my 214 sounds nice, and frankly I don't care too much :P

Anyway congrats on your revelation with that guitar. I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to justify anything for buying an expensive guitar. There are many people who own many expensive guitars without being godlike players. Some people care more about wood combinations than actually playing the guitar.
1/2 series is nothing like any of the guitars taylor has above the 3 series.
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Yeah i figured that a 100/200 series wouldnt be up to par with a DN5 but im wondering if tonaly they compair at all? The sound of a taylor guiatr is awesome! I love it! When i go get a REAL guitar it will be a Taylor for sure. I really likr the sound of them. It was kind of like a Martin but brighter and fuller. I like the way a Martin sounds but when i compare it to the Taylor it seems like the Martin was missing something?
when i didn't tell him what the 2 guitars were, just played them to him, my husband felt that the 110ce had a "wilder" sound and actually preferred it. he's been playing guitar since 1983 and his long term guitars are a j-45 and a gibson 12 string, and he's played lots of really nice guitars. while everyone has different tastes, he has a good ear - he's the kind of guy who can actually tell brand names by sound without looking. on the other hand, he loves punk rock so that preference might go for the wilder sounding guitar.

i sort of agreed with him after he said it - it wasn't a question of preferring one to another so much as preferring them for different things. to me, the sound of the 110ce would cut through the other players finger picking better in some situations, and i like how it sounds. it doesn't sound quite as full and as balanced as the DN5, but it has other things to recommend it.

btw, i also prefer the average taylor vs the average martin. and there are plenty of folks who prefer martin to taylor, too. i've actually never played a taylor i didn't like unless the baby counts, and that surprises me because i'm not usually brand-centric.
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as far the 100 and 200 series of taylor guitars goes I'll justify the price a little bit by adding that they are equipped with the expression system. That accounts for a large part of their price. Taylor charges $500 just to have the expression system retro-fitted into an acoustic guitar with no electronics. That should tell you something. Granted the 100 and 200 series dont have the full blown expression system, but it still beats many of the other pickup sytems out there IMO. And yes, Im one of those people that rather likes the expression system. Once you EQ the mid-range quack out of it the whole thing is very natural sounding, once again IMO. I know the ES isnt exactly a huge hit with everyone.

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Yeah i knew about Taylors and had seen a few at different places. But had never played one or had anyone play one. I usally have the sales guy play the guitar also just so i can see what the guitars possible potential is. Just do to me not being a very good player.
The Taylor DN5 blew me away. I have yet to hear anything quite as smooth and balanced.
It has the best action. Smooth neck. I mean you just barelly touch the strings to chord it.
All around awesome guitar.
I will probably just save up and buy it. In the mean time i will just keep paying my junker;-)