I recently bought a load of gear and I'm about to order a little bit more. A pedal would be very useful for when guitarists walk into your headstock (I'm a bassist).

Now, I know you are ALL very keen on the Korg Pitchblack.

Why is this so?

"It's easy to use" - Well, if you couldn't use a normal tuner then how would this be much different (I've never owned a pedal tuner)? Also, I don't like the look of no 'pedal' there to push. Do I just stamp on it as hard as I can?

"It's true bypass" - But so is http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/74122 (PW CT-04)

"It's small and compact" - But my eyesight is ALMOST as good as my hearing. Small also means I can lose it easier and it might not weigh enough. What if I like my tuner pedals how I like my women?

Does it 'drag' along the floor because it is so light?

What does the portal on the front/top of it do?

So, some serious questions need some very serious answers

Enlighten me please.

or I will tell Korg that you aren't earning your forum fees!

I had a Korg tuner but I think I lost it somewhere. It took some good beatings too but this pedal looks very delicate.
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The reason it is so easy to use is because to calibrate it, there are buttons on the back of it that allow you to adjust it quickly. Yes, there are many true bypass pedals. Its made very solid, and if you strap it to your pedalboard, you won't lose it. There is no portal on the front, that is the stomp-knob that you step on to trigger the tuner.
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It's an accurate, reliable tuner.

There is a "pedal" to push; it's the chrome button at the bottom. As long as you're wearing some kind of footwear, they're easy to push down. I find that without a flat surface (e.g. soles of shoes), the button can slip between your toes at times.

If you had a pedal board with your pedals attached with velcro, none of them would slide Otherwise, it would slide as much as any other pedal.

What portal are you talking about?

I doubt the pedal's delicate, it's made of aluminum and would be designed to withstand weight, etc.
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What portal are you talking about?

Apparently it's the button you stomp on. I thought it was some kind of strangely positioned jack.

As for the DT-10 I bought one of those for my buddies and I do like that it is huge but every time I've tried to use it I end up changing the calibration.

I need something completely idiot proof.

I'm going to go with my instincts and not get the Pitchblack.

The PW looks idiot proof (calibrate buttons further up pedal, huge pedal too) and like it was built inside some kind of armor plating.

I like the DT-10 for it's hugeness but I always hit the calibrate buttons

Cheers for the input guys. It definitely made think a lot more about what I want in a pedal.

I collect clothes and IKEA furniture. Who are you?
The Pitchblack is awesome. Very accurate and easy to use. One of it's best features is it's visibility. My eyesight sucks, but I could tune my guitar from across the room with it. There are different tuning display modes too boot.

Without the a battery, it is pretty light. It won't win a tug of war with you either way.. but it's metal and very solid. It also has a 9v output for daisy chaining power to another pedal.

Another high end pedal tuner to check out is the Sonic Research st-200..