I was looking at a Schecter Damien Special FR, a guitar I'm thinking about buying, and I noticed there was a Licensed Floyd Rose, but no locking nuts. I was wondering, how well would this guitar stay in tune when I do Dime squeals and dive bombs and stuff? And, would the absence of locking nuts mean I could put the guitar into different tunings?
It prob wouldn't stay in tune very well at all.

And even if it did have a locking nut you could still put it into different tunnings.
Locking nut is not necessary.
If you properly wind your strings in the tuning pegs and lube the nut slots with pencil lead or vaseline.
See post #2 in the "Ultimate Setup Guide" sticky thread. That shows proper string winding technique.

OR, you have locking tuners and lube the nut slots.

You can do different tunings with a floyd with or without the locking nut. It's just more difficult and time consuming with the locking nut.

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Im guessing it has a Graphtech nut, Carvin does this on alot of their non-custom guitars.
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Damien Special FR does have a locking nut, so either: It's not a Damion FR Special, or someone stole the locks, or someone modded it.
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