*cross posted only cause it was suggested i'd get more replies here*
Hey, new to the forums here. I have a quick opinion question here. I'm building an HSH strat, and i'm going to wire it in the "traditional" 5-way switch manner - with possibly a switch to turn on the bridge & neck together. Anyway, yes I did search, but I either missed a thread (if i did, cruicfy away ) or didn't quite see my answer so I'll ask :

Which pickups would you reccomend?
I had originally though of doing an EM H4/H4a (bridge/ neck) Combo with an EMG S3 in the middle, however I've heard mixed reviews (from here) on the EMG passive pups. They sound "ok" to me but hey, you never know. I've also seen reccomendations for a Seymour Duncan JB/'59 combo, but which middle single coil to go with these..?

If it helps, I'm looking for a decent "all around" coil set as i play a varied style of stuff from Breaking benjamin to Green Day to Rise against to some Blink, Seether, etc. & I'd like to stay with passive pickups, if possible.

Also, whats your guys taken on Guitarfetish/Mighty Mmite/EBay bodies?

Just curious, so far i've stuck to ebay for used fender bodies.

Thanks for any help, and for putting up with another new guy