ok ive recently decided to make a commitment and save to buy an Epiphone Explorer. i Recently tryed the gibson AND the epiphone explorers. i thought the gibson was ok but the epiphone really stimulated my senses lol. now before i do this would any owners or players of this instrument tell me ANY downsides to the explorer (nevermind the brand). please and thank you. - Mrfussytabs
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One downside of the explorer is that it's big, and if you play in a small room, you may bump it around a few times.
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yea its way too much for my little stick lol
explorers are quite big as stated but all in all great guitars, i have no downsides but if your looking into an epi hav a look at the korina
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cases are more expensive, and what sw1ss023 said, but they are the only downsides i can see, i played one once and loved it!
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