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It doesn't really sound like Sean Harris but it's okay. Also please don't say "yes I f*cking am" because it sounds extremely stupid and out of place.

thanks for looking...not trying to sound like any1 other then me tho
\m/ metal up your ass
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The guitar sound really good. The singing needs work.

thanks for looking...what type of work would you say it needs? im new to singing lol
\m/ metal up your ass
bump...was hopeing for a little bit better of a response
\m/ metal up your ass
I haven't heard this song before.. but the intro sounded like a bunch of random noodling to me? Sorry if that's what it's supposed to be...

Once the song gets going the guitar sounds good though. The vocals could use more energy, more grit to them. It sounds too gentle and clean for thrash music. Try getting more air support when you sing. I'm not a great singer either, so probably someone else can help give you more advice...