hey im getting a new guitar soon it will be either a schecter blackjack C1 FR (not the ATX) or the ESP LTD EC-1000 and i wanted to know about what sort of amp would go well with them
My amp fund will be around £500 and im afraid i dont really know much about amps so i dont know what to ask for
i play hard rock and metal style: metallica guns n roses ACDC etc
im am looking for a tube amp, this amp may not be used for gigging just yet but it certainly needs to be able to keep up with a drumkit so yh i guess good enough to play live

thanks in advance
Hmmm, Vox VT30/VT50 would easily surpass a drumkit...but if you have £500....Check out used Marshall DSLs.
line 6 spider lll 75W and you should get an RP350 to go with it
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