Let's just have one huge thread instead of thousands of threads with a few posts each.
agree. But you have to realise OP that to some people, it's "new news". So obviously they will be "shocked" and won't bother using the searchbar.

Not that anyone does ANYWAY.

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irony much???

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Tokio Hotel is probably the worst thing Germany has produced since WW2.

Well, he only died this morning, so it's new news to everyone. Don't worry. It won't be as big a Micheal Jackson's death.
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I also have hairy butt cheeks, I once shaved a letter 'W' on each cheek, so that when I bent over it spelled WoW.

warning, some of the contents of this post may not necessarily be completely true.
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Who died and made you king of The Pit?

*goes and makes another les Paul thread*