Yeah, please don't kill me for bringing it to UG :P


Tell me what you think... This is my first time making a song entirely from electronically generated instruments, so please don't be too harsh
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Well props for stepping outside your comfort zone. The first thing is that those kicks sound baaaad. Not in a good way. You need bigger kick drums. Techno (and house and trance and hardcore and hip hop even) get their power from the heavy kick drums they employ. You also need some kind of heavy percussion section. Techno is based around heavy, funky percussion revovling around that huge kick. You have percussion but its barely there. High hats need to be beefier and you need some kind of sublte snare or clap on beats 2 an 4, something to give it progression inside the bar. I think the plinky little melody is fine although it needs to come wayyy down in volume, amd maybe give it some delay. I'd honestly take that saw wave thing out all together, it really just sounds sloppy and its down at a level where it really takes away from some of the punch in the kick.

Just a couple suggestions.
I got a page of my own stuff too actually, its www.myspace.com/flm808