What are your thoughts on being in two different bands at once? I wish to play different roles in two separate bands. I devote quite a bit of time to my musical aspirations, so I am wondering what everyones' thoughts are on the positive and negative aspects of having multiple projects ongoing.
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Lots of people do it. Most beginners can't pull it off, while most pro musicians are always in two or more bands.

What it ultimately comes down to is whether or not you can commit yourself to the expectations and demand for all of the projects you involve yourself with.

I know some younger players get into this rut of "if you play in another band, we'll kick you out" sort of thing, but that's just stupid. It's just a power and control issue.

Would those guys care if you signed up for a pottery class on Tuesday nights, so long as it doesn't interfere with your existing band? No, and why should they, right? So why should they care if you join another band and jam with them on another night?

The only time that it gets complicated is in the event that two of your bands get gigs on the same night. That comes down to communication. Those situations *have* to be avoided, and the *only* way to do that is through communication. If more than one band is consistently having conflicts with another, then you are unable to commit yourself to the expectations and the demands of one of them and it is time to give one up.

That is rare, though. Figure most bands don't play more than every two weeks. That means that out of a month, there are only TWO days that you cannot schedule a gig. It shouldn't be that hard.

In my original band, both our drummer and our bass player played with other bands. In the four years we were together, I don't recall one conflict.

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couldn't have said it better,

If it doesn't affect either band negatively and you can still devote the proper time to practice in both bands, and not have scheduling issues, its no problem.
I actually prefer being in at least 2 bands. I enjoy playing a multitude of genres and being in bands of different genres lets me explore them.
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I agree with what was said above.

The drummer for the band I'm in is in another 'band', and it's actually been extremely divisive for our original band because he can't balance both of them.

As long as you can handle putting the same amount of effort into both that you would normally put into one (ie. not favor one over the other or let one interfere with the other), you should be fine.
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the other guitarist in my band plays in 3 other bands, and i do some solo stuff, we didnt had any problems so far. its just a matter of being responsible
I was in 2 bands, and it was difficult because they were both very similar. But now I do my own electronica stuff, and it's much easier to manage because it is completely different from my band.

It depends how commited you are to the other. Like with me, I didn't see the point in doing the other because it was too similar to my first band.
It gives me a chance to get out all the different aspects of being a musician. In my main band, I write all the songs and play lead guitar and sing lead vocals (yeah its tough). But when i was in college I was playing 4-5 nights a week every week in 1 group as a bassist, 1 as lead guitar, 1 as acoustic and vocals, my main band, and occasionally with another group as a drummer. I was busy, no doubt, but it let me express all the facets of my musical personality. Thats the benefit to me.
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