So I'm looking into getting a new guitar, the SG raw power caught my eye, i really like the concept of the raw look and sound but I wanted to get a bit more info, I know these are new but if you guys have any experience, i'd love to hear. I play mostly progressive kinda stuff so i need pretty good cleans, and nice crunchy mid to high gain distortion. Will this be able to handle the higher gain stuff? I know alnico II classic 57' pickups are only mid output, but with the rest of the tonal characteristics of the guitar i was wondering if they could pull it off. I was also wondering if, since they were maple, if they were neck-heavy like most sg's and if the QC was pretty good, i know sometimes they step it up on there non-standard lines.

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hi, i just read a review about the raw power les paul and it said it sounded great clean, but the distortion/overdriven sound was lacking a bit.
As far as weight balance goes, it'll be the same as any other SG: other SGs are mahogany/mahogany, the Raw Power is maple/maple, so if you think normal SGs are too neck-heavy then you'll think the Raw Power is too neck-heavy too. Also bear in mind that maple is heavier than mahogany and the Raw Power SGs weigh more than most mahogany Les Pauls (and the Raw Power LP weighs more than most bass guitars).

As far as sound goes, you can expect great clarity and a very, very bright tone, as well as the longest sustain you'll ever experience. All good for a lot of uses, but if you play very heavy music then you may find the tone is too clear and too bright to handle big, chunky riffing. Look up 80's Bon Jovi recordings: Richie Sambora's guitars in the 80's were all-maple super-Strats and it'll give you a good idea of the sort of tone a Raw Power SG will give you.

In terms of pickups, the '57 Classics are okay and will help balance out the bright tone of the maple a bit. Really, whether the pickups are any good for you depends a lot on your amp and how you use your rig. E.g. if you use the amp's own gain and an overdrive pedal then the output of the pickups doesn't matter and the EQ will take care of the tone; on the other hand if you rely on your pickups to drive the amp by themselves then you'll definitely want to change out the stock pickups.
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