The Rules:
-The total of all supplies must be under or $700 USD
-It will be used for mostly practice, however it must be loud enough for small shows.
-It can be a combo or a stack.
-An acoustic type tone, a punk tone, a "White Stripes" tone, and a semi-metal tone must be easily achieved.

So far this is what I have, feel free to do your own, improve on mine, or just flat out tell me mine is terrible.

Fender Frontman 212R 100 Watts
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Metal Muff

Have a better idea?
frontman from what ive heard is terrible, get a blackstar or something.

big muff ftw.
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are you looking for advice?

or making some kind of game...?
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Greatest quote of all time?

I think so...
Haha, advice. I thought people would help more if I put it in a game form xD.
I just tried the Flextone and the Spider Valve and was very unimpressed, so I'm looking for something that can help me get a good sound.

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marshall haze maybe

Nothing personal but -1.

These amps are terrible, awful.

I don't quite understand what you need?

All you seem to need is a guitar and a new amp? Are you selling your amp?
Peavey Classic 30 would be one of your best choices, you could maybe find a used JCM 800/900 within that price range.

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