I need some help with an album title for my acoustic solo album. I want it to be sort of long like the band Modest Mouse's albums. Does anyone know any good sayings like that?

For example

This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About
Building Nothing Out of Something
Wrong Way Going Down a One Way Road
Something So Close for Someone So Far Away
Songs That Should Have Never Been Sung
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Vox Wah
Just Your Average Title That Cleverly Contradicts Itself
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Good Food for People With Bad Taste
Better, Faster, Stronger

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Ridiculously Long Title That Has Nothing To Do With The Content Of The Album.
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Good Food for People With Bad Taste

BAM. Theres two meanings in taste, as in the sense taste and "people who like black eyed peas have bad tastes" taste. Awesome.
yeah, but it's a DIRECT reference to the MM album. is that what he wanted? maybe i'm confused. i thought he was going for that brand of sarcastic irony... i suck at the intenret i have no idea what's going on.
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Just Your Average Title That Cleverly Contradicts Itself

I like this one.

If you don't use this I"ll use it myself.
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that's a good one
explains how i am 100%

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"Hate Stories and Love Crimes" sounds so much cooler lol
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Love songs for the hated
(or the other way around if you know what i mean)
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