I've been looking at a new half stack for metal gigs and it could be me but all of the regular ones seem sooo expensive! I'm interested to know how much you spent on yours?

I know MESA/ENGL/DIEZEL all make some great amps for this sort of thing but how many people here actually play these live (that aren't signed or endorsed?)
I don't play metal, but my Cornford Hellcat and 2x12 was about €2700 (that was one heck of a bargain too).
My name is Tom, feel free to use it.
I don't play metal but my Orange AD30 Head cost £520 second hand and the cab was made by me and the Eminence Wizard speakers cost £160 for the two.
I paid around $1,800 for my Mark IV. That was...about 10 years ago.
Hi, I'm Peter
'81 JCM 800 - $600 USD
Splawn oversized 2x12 with Greenback clones - $700 USD shipped
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Couldnt even tell you how much my rig cost me. I have done so many up trades, selling and wheeling and dealing its crazy to think about it lol... But here recently I was curious and calculated how much my rig would cost if I purchased new. Total came up to about $8,000 and then I about sh!t myself and thought the same thing why is gear so expensive. Because looking at my rig its a budget rig compared to Diezel, Mesa and other brands out there..

Its just one of those things
i don't play metal but my fender deluxe reverb was $1300
Vox AC30 was $600 (used)
and my upcoming Dr.Z EZG-50 will cost about $1500 with the cab
i got a tiny terror head for $400 and ended up trading it for a 5150, so i guess you could say i got my 5150 for $400.
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I paid $50,000 JMD for my Valveking 112, which is $718 USD, and bought it about a year ago.

That doesn't count the speaker swap and EQ purchase...
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Single Recto=$600
Jcm 900 =$400
Quad Pre =$675
Epi Les Paul-APH1/Mean 90
MIM Strat

Korg DTR1000
Mesa/Boogie Quad Pre
Mesa/Boogie Midi Matrix
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My Yale was £245 in 1984
My Roost set me back all of £80 a year later
My 800w cab was also £80 at the same time. Shop didn't know what was in it.
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T C Ellis Series 2 LP w/Skatterbrane Quiescence pups
Cort EVL-K6
Yamaha RGX211 modded
H&S Electric 12-string
Shaftsbury Ricki 4001
'84 Fender Yale
Roland Cube 15x

Crate V18- $149 NEW on closeout lol
Eminence Private Jack- $90
$230 for passable tube tone

PRS SE Custom w/ Duncans
Classic Vibe 50's Strat
Egnater Rebel 20
Egnater Rebel 112x Cab
Crate v18-112 w/ Eminence Private Jack

USSR Big Muff Pi
Line 6 Echo Park
Boss BD-2
Vox Wah
Guitar Rig 3


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my marshall was 160 USD

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
i got amps:
'69 sunn 1200S - 1000
'79 music man 130hd - 550
'77 music man 115-65 - 500
'81 music man 150hd 212- 500
'82 fender princeton II reverb - 400
50's kay(8" jenson) - 400
orange or50h- 2000
orange tiny terror -550
thd bivalve - 1100
fender blues deville reissue- moded '72 tele deluxe reissue
leslie model 60 - 500
leslie model 16 - 500
orange ppc212 - 650(850 after new weber speakers)

i spent the most on the or50, the bivalve and the sunn. but as you can see the majority of my collection is fairly modestly priced amps i feel are quite better than their price. i have spent some money on NOS tubes for a variety of the amps as well. the sunn is a gem, almost all original(rca and mullard tubes) and it looks brand spanking new. damn near got an amp for every occasion now
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my Egnater Rebel only cost me $550 : i am a good bargainer.
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Line 6 HD147 (NOT THE SPIDER HEAD!) w/ FBV Shortboard - $325
Line 6 4x12 Cab - 4x12
- Anthony
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I pay for most of my stuff by working part time as a musician. It's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

The tag on my VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead was $3800.

My Marshall JMP-1 was around $500 used.

My Peavey XXX head was a $600 demo.