Hi guys, I've jsut found this problem. When my cable (the one that plugs into my guitar) goes into some positions, the sound to the amp cuts out. I've tested all my cables, and they seem to be all good (I'll try the guitar cable again), so its likely a problem with the jack on my guitar (It's and SG if that makes any difference). any advice? Should I take it in to be looked at?
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Its likely the cable, but if you're running some cheap/faulty effects, that might be it too.

If that's not it, make sure the jack is bolted in well and the screw at the end is nice and secuer.
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Could be the cables, or a problem with the jack in the guitar. Check the jack assembly for loose wires...sometimes after thumb tightening up the jack nut, it'll get those wires all tangled up inside causing nastiness. I'd use a different guitar with your cables and amp to eliminate both a problem with the cables or your amp.
It could very well be a faulty input jack.

You can buy a new one from one of the major parts sites like Stewart Macdonald or a local guitar store and they're relatively easy to install if you can use a soldering iron.
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