Alright, I'm looking to get a delay pedal now that I've sold my acoustic guitar. I've been looking at the DD-6, Nova Repeater, and a few others, but I want some input from people who may know more.

I'd be using the delay for Tool, post-rock stuff, some Modest Mouse, and countless obscure bands. I like to make experimental music and like to have versatile effects. I've been kind of set on the Nova Repeater (Nova Delay is too pricey), but maybe somebody else has a better suggestion.

well i had a poll going about an hour ago, im trying to choose between the boss dd-7 (very versitile), or the EH Deluxe Memory Man, whihc is pricey but nice sounding and includes chorus and vibrato and finally what i think I might buy, the Subdecay Echobox. Look them all up you might find one you like.

EDIT: Adam Jones uses a DD-5 I believe.
i own a dd-6 and a dd-7, for a newbie i would go for the dd-7, i actually like the dd-6 more cuz that is what i had for 3 years before the 7 came out. the dd-7 allows for a longer loop time(6 seconds compared to ~30/40 seconds), analog modeling delay(sounds like a dark digital delay, doesn't really nail the analog tone, but i still like it), has about 1 second more delay time than the dd-6, has a 'chorus' delay(where the normal signal is dry, but the delayed notes are 'wet' with chorus), has improved looping pedal funtionality, and the dd-7 also has an insert for a tempo button for delay time or an expression pedal for any parameter. the dd-6 does have that warp feature though...

both delays have a usable 'reverse' mode as well. i have been wanting a dd-20 for some time as well, it would fill the roll of a 'robust' delay, just more types of delays and more memory and button functionality.

there is some fundamental issues with delay to be taken into consideration, like preference in technology. digital delays tend to be clean, crisp, and sterile. analog delays sound warm, musical and muddy. digital delays use digital sampling technology and kinda computer-style memory. analog delays use transistors in 'bucket brigade' circuits.
digital: boss dd-X, line 6 dl4, tc nova delay
analog: mxr carbon copy, ehx memory man, ibanez ad-9, MOOG MF-104Z

there are lots of 'trick' delays as well, i recommend at least playing 1 or 2 each of digital and analog delays just to get an idea of what the difference in tone is. then i recommend doing some research for weird and exotic delays you may want. if you have unlimited capital then i would recommend the 700+ usd moog 104Z, it has butt tons of options.

if you don't feel like doing research then you should be just happy enough with grabbing a dd-something, it'll work for what you want and is a pretty 'safe' pedal.
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Nova Repeater.

I own a Boss DD-7, and love it, but would still trade my DD-7 in for a Repeater.
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Nova Repeater.

I own a Boss DD-7, and love it, but would still trade my DD-7 in for a Repeater.

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T.Rex Replica.

excellent choice. I went with the Maxon AD999, but it was a close call.