I learned the comfortably numb solo, but i can't get the timing for the triplet parts david gilmour does. Any suggestions on how to time the triplets right?
Metronome, three notes in the space of two, DA da da DA da da DA da da DA da da.

(DA da da, being the feel of the notes you're playing as opposed to straight eight notes which would be DA da DA da DA da DA da)

Do you have guitar pro/power tab? They can make learning how to play triplets handier.
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is there a feature on power tab that allows you to understand the timing?
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I use the Indian konnakol method. Use the phrase ta-ka-di with "ta" landing on the beat. Just sit and say it to a metronome for a while, to get the sound in your head. Then try playing it, still counting with the syllables. It's instrinctive after a while.
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There's a button in the Powertab (in my version its on the bottom toolbar) It shows three notes and has "3" above the notes. Click on the button, then fill the whole bar with eight notes (4 groups of three - 12 notes). Make sure the metronome is on too so you can feel the rhythm of the triplets. Then practice that rhythm, then try out the solo section.
make sure you're putting the accent on the first note of the triplet like ripshadow kinda showed, this tends to be the difficulty point for many people because the accent changes from a down pick to an up picking motion
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