My band (link in sig) is looking for a bassist that is like Doug Keyser (Watchtower), Sean Malone (Cynic), Bunny Brunel, Jaco Pastorius, and Jeff Berlin. We play progressive metal similar to Death, Control Denied, Believer, Watchtower, Cynic, Toxik, Jason Becker, Allan Holdsworth

We are clueless about most theory, with the exceptions of harmonies, time sigs, arpeggios, and we obviously know most chords. (same as Chuck Schuldiner, all the more theory-saavy players he associated with were able to cope and make sick solos and bass lines). So no theory nazis, please.

Must live in the towns of Encinitas or Carlsbad, CA (Oceanside and San Marcos are OK). Must be 16-19 years old, and be comitted to practicing and gigging. Must be easy to get along with. Must have own bass, preferably fretless, but fretted is ok too.

having Guitar Pro software is a plus.
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