hey UG i thought id share an offer with you which my guitar teacher showed me how to get free tablature books, guitar accessories etc

my last psot was closed for some reason hopefully this will stay open

hey im here to tell you abotu a site which you can eventually order anythign off amazon provided you have the right amount of points.

On signing up you recieve 250 points (as an average a 2GB memory stick USB drive can be purchased for about 220 points).

There are various ways to earn more points. You can complete the usual slightly boring offers and surveys etc etc to get quick fast points.

However there is also a games section, where you play various games such as car racing and shooting arcade to earn points, which is very effective and you can find yourself having over 100 points in a day which is enough to buy most Xbox games on the site

There are other ways to earn points which is by referals, and occasional offers and competition. I would strongly reccomend a look, its 100 percent legit and you can vie peoples profiles to see what products they have ordered and check to see that they arrived.

cheers for reading the guide hope you make use of it like i am


thats the link to sign up to, 1 minute registration then your reading to start earning.

I will later tonight be posting a guide on how to get very high scores on the games section so watch and oul be buying that new Ipod in no time