I hate transitions. I can't figure out how to get into and out of the part that starts at bar 33 and ends at 48. Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

General crit is welcome too, although everything is really quite rough still, and a lot of the leads and melodies are missing.

The mix is also very rough. RSE is the better choice to listen. The volumes in midi are way off. If the bass sounds out of sync in RSE then just mute the first bass track.

Anyway, the song is essentially a continuation or the second chapter of my "troubled tale..." song.

Song is in reply.
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yay, finally another funky monkey

I played around with it a bit, I think the first transition is smooth enough, I just placed a drum fill there and altered 1 or 2 notes.

The second transition is a bit more difficult because the next bar starts with tenuto.
I put 2 different transitions there, you find the second one at the end of the main part.

I also changed a few notes in the lead part, just tried to "correct" a few things that sounded a bit off to me.
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it's spelled Prozac :P

but yeah, sounded alright, not really my kind of music however
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Improved, but not quite there yet

Thorbor: Yeah couldn't resist the urge to do another one like that one. I've no idea if it'll live up to the first one, but it'll be fun in any case.

Thanks for the suggestions though, they gave me the idea for what I've got now. (Don't ask me how, since it's totally different, but they did!)
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I dont know, your second transition is quite f*cked up now I think. Why did you place the cymbals on the snair beats?. The problem is, the Lead plays 16th notes, the Rythm plays 8th notes and the Bass plays both. It seems to get a bit complicated there with the cymbals on the snair beat. If you listen to it over and over it seems fine, but normally the listener is irritated the first time(like me).

I Tabbed it to show you what I mean. As usual it's only my own opinion, just have a look at it

And concerning the first little lead part, the first three bars are wonderful and build up a lot of tension, but the last bar turns it off. I dont know if it's intended to come down like this, but I'd rather change it.
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Yeah I buggered them cymbals up in that last one. Problem I'm having is that after hearing something a million times, it'll start to sound normal, regardless of how screwed up it is.

Anyway, I've got two more versions. I think they both works, but I can't tell. Version 2 is fairly drastic, and a little sloppy, but I think I like it a little better.

The leads are bugging me a bit too. Like the first one, but I'm not not sure about the later two.
Just listened to both version, I think you can forget version 2, it's definitely more complicated than before. Version is smooth though.

nonetheless you should avoid 2 cambals right after another, it sounds buggy in guitar pro. You also very rarely use the #55 one or the china#52.

you can stop worrying about your song now, the leads and the transitions are fine. now I wanna see the next part
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I never really like 55 or 52. But honestly drums are still a rather experimental trial and error thing for me. I've got a good feel for the kick and snare (at least I'd like the believe that) but haven't quite figured out the cymbals and toms just yet.

Anyway, more is coming, although I've been getting more work done on the "dark side" of the song than the "light side" A little preview of that is actually stuck at the end of the last couple examples. I've yet to decide if I'm going to make them into two separate songs or not.

Anyway, depending on how much free time I have (and how much of that I waste improvising solos over the "fun to solo over" section) I'll probably make a real post for the song early next week
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how long have u been writing music icronic?

About a year? I've known my theory and all the principals of song writing for a long time, but I never really had the free time to sit down and do any real writing until recently.