So I'm in the midst of recording a new song. I was going to just pitch shift my guitar, but that sounds so crappy. So I decided to mic a speaker while I played the bass through Guitar Pro 5. That sounded pretty crappy, too. :/

So now I come to UG to find the help of a bassist.

What I need is someone to do a DI of the tab I provide. It'll be in GP4/5 format. And I'll also give you a rough demo of what the bass will go in if you want to record while listening to it.

Ya, I'm giving a tab, but it'd be cool if you added some fills or diddies here and there. As long as it's followed for the most part, like the verse, that should stay pretty much like it is.

Thank you whoever my savior is! Of course you'll get credit whenever it is I finish this song. :P Which might not be for a while with school coming up, and such. I'll let you know when it's done, though, if you want to listen to it.


Oh, and if you have any questions, ask away...

PS: It's 4MB so I had to upload it on Mediafire. But I don't think there's a wait for it or anything.

PPS: The recording should be in highest quality .wav format.

Files (zip): http://www.mediafire.com/file/jwgxmxwzwwy/teh bass stuff.zip

tl;dr: I need someone to record a DI of the provided tab so I can put it in my song. (You get credit)
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