How tough's the music?

I write songs.
Currently Requiring Crits:
Better than the level needed to become successful in a band.
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Really ****ing good usually.
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Communicating in "musical notation" almost every time required...my bud was a Nashville guy in the mid-1980's, he also told me that there is very little room for improvising. However, this was country-folk and he played Pedal-steel!!!!!!
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you have to be a very versatile and solid player.
and have good connections.
like Eddie Van Halen
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Need to beable to sight read musical notation and play a variety of genres and be versatile.
you have to be able to pick things up by ear. You should be able to sight read and you have to improvise well... Jimmy Page was a session musician before he formed zeppelin. Look up some interviews he mentions that usually he didnt know what he was playing on till he was there doing it.
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Be able to sight read perfectly, in any style, at incredibly fast tempos, in any key, with little to no time to practice the piece beforehand. Usually you should get it in less than 4 takes. I'm not trying to be scary, its just what every professional I have asked has told me.
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Better than the level needed to become successful in a band.

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you have to know how to improvise really well, and use notes insted of fret #
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You have to be really ****ing good, dude. Session players are hired to save money in the studio because they can come in and bang the track out in a couple takes without ever hearing the song before that day.

I interned at a studio in Nashville and I was floored at how good the musicians were. Drummer, bass, keys and guitar all recorded their tracks at the same time, live off the floor, and walked away 2 hours later with 5 songs that sounded completely ready for commercial release.

I feel I should mention one more time that they never heard the songs before that day and honestly listened to them 1 time each and had a chord chart to follow along with.
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