im looking to swap out the edge III on my ibanez rg for a floyd rose cuz tuning and intonation sucks with it. how much would it cost me to do this, will it make the intonation better and tuning easier, and does sam ash do modifications like this or do i have to figure out how to do it myself?

im also thinking of getting a EVH d tuna, are these any good?
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it will probably cost about $250 for a original floyd rose and then any costs for getting someone to fit it if you go that route. as long as you have a locking nut the intonation and tuning should be better
i think the edge pro is a fit in the edge 3's routing cavity. check out www.ibanezrules.com. they've always got stuff for sale, including bridges. might be a little expensive, but you'll have a great bridge.
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Another person with a misconception of what a D-Tuna does...the D-Tuna only works on mounted floyds. If you use it with a floating system, it will send the whole system out of tune
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