when i strum chords really ****in fast my pick always slides out of place and i cant control it for too long. what can i do the prevent this. ive tried a few ways but it doenst help.
get brain picks, check them out

they have like this scratchy surface that really keeps them in place
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yeah a new pick with either more grip on it or the thumb thing would be a good solution
Nylon picks. They have a grippy upper section, works fine for me. Unless you hold the pick inverted, in which case you will get an annoying scratchy noise from the grip.
I also have the same problem. I use a maestro pick(Hard, and thick) as my normal one. It slides a LOT, though.

I've tested out a fender heavy, and a clayton heavy as well. The clayton has pretty lousy grip, while the fender seems to have the best grip.

The only problem is, they all slide! Even when I switch picks, they slide.
That'll fix with practice, don't worry.
You must be relatively new to guitar or tremolo picking.
Try slanting your pick a bit.