I'm building up a small studio spot in my house and i want to get some nice equipment.

My question is: What type of microphone (dynamic, condenser, ribbon, etc) can work well all around on vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar recordings?

Like if i were to record the amp for an electric guitar/bass AND if i were going to record an acoustic guitar, what's the best mic or type of mic?

Personally, I would only use a mic for volcals and instruments that cannot be given a direct line-in.

Electric guitar: Straight into the recording equipment. If that's a PC you may want to look into the 'LightSnake'.

Acoustic guitar, build yourself a DIY piezo pickup and then the same as above.
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choose the right forum. this should be in the recording forum.

dynamics on amps, condensers on vocals and acoustic instruments. if ya got the money ribbons on amps are nice.

doesnt really matter though cus the best mic in the world will sound like crap through a ****ty mic pre. EDIT: invest in a damn good mic pre first.