Here you are, my third song on here I believe. I actually have it recorded too, but that's for another forum

--Another Time--

Verse 1-
Picture of a bird on a fence of chicken-wire,
He sings but no one answers,
'Cause he couldn't find the choir,
'Cause nobody sings anymore,
Since the Church burned down.

And the lure of the trail goin' down the second rail,
The train may ride forever,
But sometime you gotta tell,
How many have died searching,
For something not there.

And the figure of a man who says he wish he woulda ran,
But now his body's too old,
And his mind's grown bland,
He said it's nothing but this town,
That steals your soul.

But you're on the other side,
Of the road that seperates you,
From the men too dumb and dazed to,
Realize that they can't break through,

And that the shepherd always keeps,
His sheep in line...
At least until another time.

Verse 2-
The vision of a dog who's sniffing through the trees,
His Master isn't home,
And his bowl is empty,
Somehow it always ends this way,
But there's worse than alone.

Or the sight of a guitar that can't make a sound,
'Cause no one's there to play it,
Yea nobody is around,
The strings are all rusted,
And the body's cracked.

But I betcha know the way when it comes to judgement day,
And you look at your life,
And see that nothing's worth the fight,
Can there be a more empty feeling,
Than that?


First Stanza of Verse 1


Instrumental Verse to End