What tape should I use to cover my fretboard? The actual board not the side, could someone also post me links to tape please, I also would like different colours if possible?

Thanks guys
There isnt special fret board tape that I know off. What do you want the tape to do?
I'mguessing ita ao he can work on the frets, most on here (afaik) just use masking tape, if you really want different colors, for whatever reason, masking tape is sharpie friendly
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For protecting the board during fretwork, I use the blue painter's tape. Available pretty much anywhere. It's not as sticky.

And why would you need different colors?
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And why would you need different colors?
he wants to do some decoration, methinks.
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he wants to do some decoration, methinks.

Me thinks too.

Get thee to a shipping store, they sell tons of multi-colored tape, most favorabe of which is undoubtedly duct tape.

If you're into duct tape that is.
On here I saw someone who had used some sort of black tape on a maple fretboard to act as fret markers and it looked like the geddy (sp?) lee model bass and I thought it looked cool.

Short version: I don't like the fret markers on my ibanez and would like a variety of colours to pick from to cover them up?
tape doesn't work as a good fretboard marker. It peels off after a while and leaves a whole heap of residue behind.

I would recommend taking it to a pro (if you really wanna get it changed) and get them put new inlays in there for you. Note that it'll cost a fair amount of money
You could get Vinyl inlay stickers.I hear they aren't bad.
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I think tape on the fretboard would invariably look worse than any sort of inlay.
Yes seriously it was on this forum and it didn't look bad at all i just can't remember where it was on here as it was months ago and i'm not getting the fretboard drilled (too much cost)
well, your not going to achieve much with tape. You can try it, but it probably won't look to good.