I'm building a guitar, which is pretty much a stripped Jackson DK or Soloist. I have places for 3 pickups. 1 humbucker and 2 single coils. I know I'm gonna put a Super Distortion DP100 in the bridge spot, because I'll mostly be playing covers from the 1970's and 1980's, so I think that'll work nice for the heavier stuff. But I've never had a guitar that had single coils, so I know nothing about them. And I have no idea what a good combo would be. So I need 2 single coil pickups to finish this thing. I kinda thought maybe a Dimarzio HS2 or HS3, I dunno tho. I need suggestions.
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Dimarzio do some pretty neat stuff, lots of single coils there. Pick out some you have a really nice fancy of, and ask about them + read some reviews if I were you.

Side note: If you're building a guitar, why not make space for two humbuckers instead? You say yourself that you don't know single coils very well..
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For that style of music, that would be a fine choice. Also a good choice would be stacked of rail pickups for the humbucking capabilities, but you'd lose some of the 'spunk' a lot of 70s rock tunes have from Fenders.

If you go with the HS2 and 3, message me. I work at a shop that has both of those pups from a guy who was trading his "parts stash", and we're looking to unload them on the cheap. Guaranteed lowest prices, and we're a real store. They're brand new, never been installed.
the only problem i see with this is that the Super Distortion is a high output pickup. most single coils have a hard time keeping up with normal humbuckers, so you'd have to get some beefed up singles for that geetar.
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