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Currently, I have a Crate RFX120 amplifier, but I'm looking to upgrade. However, I thought I should sell the Crate before I bought a new amp, so that my room would not become a warehouse for amps. Anyways, the amp is in like new condition, and has never left my house. It only has one scuff on the tolex where it rubbed a doorframe and there is a white mark from the paint. Other than that, all the original parts are there, including a footswitch and everything.

The amp sounds pretty good for a cheap-er solid state. It's plenty loud, 3 channels, and I can dial in tones ranging from clean to blues to crunch to thrash metal. It also has a decent effects section that can be controlled via the footswitch.

I bought the amp for $350 new about a year ago, how much is it worth?
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cut the price in half from what it was when it was new and that should be about the right price to sell it for. you might have to subtract a little more depending on if people are interested or not.

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