So I'm a guitar player and I play guitar at my church, but recently we started having instrument classes where kids can learn whatever instrument we play there. I was chosen to be the guitar teacher, and so far there's been one class. I'm teaching 4 kids how to play guitar and classes are weekly and there's been only one class so far.

During the first class I taught them the parts of the guitar, the notes that open strings play, how to tune, and had them do some alternating rest stroke exercise going down the strings.

Next class is this Saturday and I need help figuring out what to teach them next.
Can anyone help me and giving me tips on what to teach next? I would really appreciate it = )
Teach them some basic chords and get them going on playing songs to keep them interested. Once you've got em hooked you can go more in depth on other things.
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After they have tuning down, Start teaching them Basic chords, G, A, C, those kinds of things... After that, ask them if there are any songs they'd like to learn. It's what my friend who teaches guitar does.

EDIT: haha ^We basically said the same thing...
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well at the begining of class..

-Review what you did last class( have them name the parts of guitar ect ect)

-Go around with each student and give them the tuner.. make sure they completly know how to do it.. bassicly just give them the tuner and ask them to make sure it's tuned to standard(or w/e you play) this part isn't a must yet but just if yeh wanna

-Teach them very basic basic chords..(i barley know any chords so don't ask me what ones) lol

-Teach them alternate picking(must)

umm i really unno.. just how i think it should be taught.. it's up to you though.. if theres parts that you think are more important for your style... go ahead and teach em
Teach an open chord progression like Gmaj, Dmaj, Em and how to practice them. You know, 4 slow downstrokes, switch chord, repeat. If they're total beginners, they may not be able to switch chords at any tempo and so will need to practice the individual chords by themselves.
Teach them chords, chord progression, and a stupid pop song if they are little kids.
Joking... start with some open chords, and an easy song. Pretty much what everyone else here said.
I wouldn't teach them G or C just yet, mainly because G has a huge stretch (for a beginner anyway) and C has an open string in the middle of the chord, which is tricky for a beginner to not mute. Teach them like A, D and E, which are easier.

Also, the major scale and the minor scale.

EDIT: Another good thing to teach them aswell in their first couple of lessons would be a twelve bar blues. They'll recognise it, cause it's used it in loads of songs (Black Or White by Michael Jackson you could use as an example here), and it's really simple, especially in the key of A.
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