I'm new at this and didn't know where to post my first thread.
I’ve been building a small studio. I recently purchased a Line 6 Studio Pod UX1. I’ve plugged in a mic and my acoustic guitar with a Fishman pickup, but not happy with the sound from my pickup. When I perform the sound doesn’t bother me and people don’t even notice, but for recording I want a natural sound. I’ve tried using the mic for the guitar on one track and the vocals on another track, but I have to do them separately. I would like to do them both at the same time. The Studio Pod has a plug for the mic and one for the guitar. I’m wondering, can I use a mic in the guitar plug and what’s a good mic for the guitar without breaking the bank?
This would normally go in Riffs and Recording because it is a recording question. However, I can answer your question. If you have another microphone buy an XLR converter. It attaches to the jack part of the microphone and converts the plug to a 1/4. Simply, it makes it so that you can plug it into the guitar slot and still have a microphone.

Your local radioshack should have one and it shouldn't cost more than $15 bucks.