I rented a cabin in the woods for a week to record my ep, and this is the result! This is a 5 song EP, I'm on everything, and singing. Please listen to any or all songs that you want, but I'd like to get feedback on the last song, "The Arch"

Thanks, and c4c as always..

i like the synth intro. very cool feel. i thought the guitar could be a bit heavier. the synth needs to be a bit louder in the intro, it's not very hearable. vocals were pretty awesome, but i thought they had a bit much for effects. i also thought that the chorus part could be a bit more screamy. vocals need a boost in volume. overall i just think they need to be more energetic. the high vocals that came in were orgasmic, but i think you should continue them that first time for 2 more goes. the breakdown after the quiet bit was epic. i felt the drums should have built up more for the epic chorus. i love the high vocals. <3... haha.

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Reminded me of Kings of Leon a bit. (don't remember which song)
You have nice vocals, but like chris said, they need more energy. The drums are boring though. You could do a LOT more with them.
It's a truly EPIC song. Nice work
But what's the ticking sound near the end?

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