This thread has probably been done, but maybe someone can refer me to a band that might not seem too far from my tastes, but still introduce me to something new.

Basically I'm NOT stuck when it comes to creating chord progressions and stuff, I just wanna hear some new interesting stuff with interesting leads..

Guitar-based stuff that I listen to is are All-American Rejects, Def Leppard, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Prince, Queen and Dream Theater.
There's a lot more and I listen to a lot more than just those bands, but guitar-wise those are the bands I can think of who I'd like to hear more stuff in the same vein kind of thing.

If anyone could give me any tips on how to play in these styles, it'd be great as well, though I fear the answer is just "practice".

Out of those bands, I enjoy the guitar work of Dream Theater the most, if it helps.
try some instrumental stuff, like Paul Gilbert, Satch , Vai, those kind of guys.
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Try to go for some more heavier stuff like Metallica, its not like extreme metal but its a good starter band to get into a lot of good guitar music
I like metal

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How about a departure into some acoustic music as well? Tommy Emmanuel has some pretty amazing tunes.

I'd also recommend listening to a few of the solos of The Darkness. I Believe In A Thing Called Love is a pretty darn catchy song!
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I like The Darkness, never learned to play any of their songs but I pull out "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" every now and then at karaokes sometimes haha, piss easy song to sing, just sounds hard.

I like some a fair bit of acoustic stuff, whenever I play, it's basically always acoustic because my electric is crap and my amp is crap and I'm not lead guitarist in my band, I'm singer/rhythm guitarist (though I'd like to be lead as well but that's a little selfish I think)..

I've heard alot about Tommy Emmanuel, never tried listening to him, and I've never got into Metallica they aren't really my style, I'm not too into metal, but I'm willing to give anything a shot if it'll give me some new ideas and some fresh stuff to play around with, if you can recommend some tracks?
If you want some hard rock, try Priestess, great new band with easy solos (In general). Try playing Lay Down or Everything That You Are. If you want some Instrumental stuff, try to learn Soothsayer by Buckethead (Up to the point where he starts shredding) nothing to difficult until then.
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Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Beck.

Hope that helps
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The Fall of Troy. Start with FCPREMIX, if you don't like that then try Sledgehammer. If you don't like that you probably won't like them at all.
I don't mind Priestess!

I must say my roots are in soul and r'n'b music, suits my voice (most of it is actually too easy for me to sing), and I just like the chilled vibe.

But I love all the bands in my original post, I'd like to combine that kind of stuff with like, Boyz II Men.
I can't think of any bands that actually do that sort of think, but it'd be nice.

Malmsteem is crazy fast but it seems like he wanks around too much and doesn't really have much melody.

I'm gonna check out Fall Of Troy soon.
Check out buckethead-ghost. Someone mentioned soothsayer earlier which is a great song but you mentioned that you like chill music so I think ghost will fit you.
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Didn't really like Fall Of Troy, love "Ghost" by Buckethead though, cheers for that one.
You should check out padmasana by buckethead as well. A little on the long side but I think it is a very pretty song.
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You can find inspiration in anything. Always have your ears open and don't stick to one genre. Branch out what you listen to. Start listening to classical, blues, psychedellic, experimental, pop, rockabilly, country, hip-hop, rap, etc. Never restrict yourself to certain artists. You can have your favorites, but always branch out.

I usually gravitate towards the following for inspiration:

The Beatles
Lupe Fiasco
John Coltrane
Eric Johnson
Paul Gilbert
Andy Timmons

Tips for playing the bands you listed, just break down their songs. If there's something you can't play, learn how. For instance, if speed is a problem, find some speed drills or make up your own and just run them down with a metronome. Split the songs into parts, learn what the guitarist does on certain parts, how they play, their style. Look at who they use for inspiration or influence, take from those people as well.
Heres some of my inspirations that get me going on guitar:

Iron Maiden
Randy Rhoads
Jimi Hendrix

Check them out all are great guitarists.
Buckethead is a great inspiration for me. I also listen to Iron Maiden, Death, Deicide and Dream Theater for inspiration.
Great insperational guitarist for me:

Jimmy Page
Adam Jones
Jimi Hendrix
Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Paul Gilbert
John Pertucci
and The King, BB King