i need help you guys on my guitar the intonation is so bad the guitar WILL NOT go into tune and by the time it does a string breaks so i need to know how to do it and i cant even get the open string to go in tune like the saddles are to far one way but i dont know which way or how to fix it and there is NO ONE professional i could take it to
Hold down your first and last fret. There should be a small(think nickel sized or so...i think that's about 16th of an inch...dunno for sure) gap at the 12th fret. if the strings lay against the 12th fret when you do this then you have to loosen the truss rod(turn counterclockwise) and if the strings are far from the 12th fret you should tighten the truss rod(clockwise)

Be careful when adjusting the truss rod. Turn it by 1/4 turns or less and then let the adjustment set in. This could take a couple hours or more. If you're uncomfortable doing this yourself i do suggest taking it in somewhere where they will show you how to do it.
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ok with these bridges im guessing both screws i have highlighted in green are for string height correct?and if so what are the red ones for are they just to hold down the bridge and also with these bridges i see no way at all to move the saddles back or forward please help
then how the heck do you adjust intonation with these bridge cause it has to matter where thhe saddles are
On Spector bridges, on the side of the bridge towards the floor, there's a little hole you're able to fit an allen key into (it should be the same size as the Allen key for the saddles). This adjusts the screw that holds the saddles in place. Loosen it, and then you can move the saddles back and forth by hand.
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Do you have a chromatic tuner?
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the guitar WILL NOT go into tune
This does not, and I repeat, DOES NOT mean you need to adjust your intonation. When you need to adjust your intonation is when your open strings are in tune but your higher frets are out of tune.

The way TS describes it, his bass won't go or stay in tune. That's a whole different story.
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