What are your thoughts on putting EMG 81s in both the bridge and neck? I have a ltd ex 400 with emg 81/60s already.....Im looking to play metal and i dont really plan on playing alot of clean stuff so im not sure whether to change the 81/60 to 81/81 and im not sure how much of a difference it would be to switch the emg 60 to an 81... also I was thinking about lowing the action on the guitar so i was wondering what u guys prefered for playing metal..i know a low action means you can play faster but im not going to be playing leads very often....

Don't do it. I've had guitars with 81/81, 81/85 and 81/60 combinations. The 81 in the neck won't sound much different that it does in the bridge, and sounds pretty terrible for cleans; the 60 will give you good cleans and the 85 average. With gain, the 85 will probably sound better in the neck of the 3, with the 60 not being bad at all. So I would try the 85 if I were you.