Im not sure what some guitar players are thinking when they will pay up to $1,000 for a small tinny old 80's tube amp that Ron Rivera designed. Last time I checked his own line of amps were not that hot either. But my point here is to give you some advice before you get suckered into buying one of these old junkers.
The reverb cuts off when you use the pull/brite knob!!!! Yes you heard right, the reverb that you might want for a guitar solo is gone now!! What a genious designer whomever came up with this (not so) brite idear. I bought one of these back in 1989 with a strat for $300. I sold the amp for $80 it was so bad. I thought mine was broken with the reverb not working with the dist pull brite function until I bought another one and had the same problem. The only real reason I bought the second one was because it did sound good clean and I was using a Yamaha SPX-90 with it for my reverb. The losers on eBay trying to make a killing off these old cruddy amps are nothing but thieves and Fender does NOT list this amp as vintage by any means.
Buyer beware. Stick with the new Fender Champ XD or whatever its called.
Sorry for the rant, but this needed to be said. Next thing you know they will be selling old Peavey Backstage Plus amps for $1,200 too.
r-n-r troops