Ok the bands now SUCK we need more bands like led zepplin iron maiden black sabbith megadeth all that **** we need to go back to when it was about the music not the $$$$ ok you see the tabs for all the old band not simpal man I see some of this **** and it's all 0 um that's not playing that's struming we need to bring back the good music
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Ok the mainstream bands now SUCK
Fixed. There are actually a lot of good bands out there.

I do agree though, that mainstream music went WAY downhill over the past decade.
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you don't think they cared about money? i really highly doubt they didn't care about it. i'll leave it at that before i start giving a list of a million things money has provided ozzy and robert plant.
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Plenty of modern bands make good music and plenty of older bands suck. Stop whining and start constructing grammatically coherent sentences. We need fewer bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and more bands doing things that haven't been done a thousand times before.

If all you care about is the music, the motivation behind its creation shouldn't matter. Most of history's greatest composers wrote music because they were payed to do it. Playing for money is nothing new, and nothing about it has changed in the time between Led Zeppelin and today.

This thread is bad and you should feel bad.
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Calm down you 13 year old.
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