I'm looking at this amp. Before I give it a shot (and likely buy it), I would like some more information on this. The reviews were pretty good, but the ones that were negative were very, very negative. This has me worried. Can anyone tell me some more about this amp?

I play mostly metal (another metal head? wow....), but I would also like a decent clean tone for when I play softer stuff. I've currently got an Ibanez GRG-170dx (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-GRG170DX-Electric-Guitar?sku=512496) and a Line 6 Spider III (some kind of right of passage for guitarists, I suspect). My budget is possibly around $450-$500 by the end of the year.

Would I do well getting this amp, or is there a better option in that price range that I've been blind to?
Most of the negative reviews are from reviewers who bought the amp when it first came out. Early on, the B-52 AT-112 had reliability issues but they have been fixed since then.

The B-52 will do want you want. It has great cleans when I tried it some time ago.

There's also the Blackstar HT-5. A great amp that's in the price range. Can't do gigs with it though (unless mic'd)
I saw a video on youtube and it seemed very good, although there's only so much you can tell from a youtube vid.
i had one, but i had to send it back to musicians friend. the reverb on it did not work at all, and at one point i heard a really loud bang/pop noise come from the speaker.

while i had it, it suppose it was good. they advertise it as being capable of "metallic shred" if i recall correctly, and im going to disagree with that. if i still had it i would have ended up with a distortion pedal.

the amp i ended up with a is blackstar ht5, which is good and no problems thus far. my only complaint about it is ive spent a fortune on pedals for it. it doesn't have reverb, so i bought a reverb pedal, i needed heavier distortion and i ended up with 2 distortion pedals, an MXR 10 band EQ (which people say youre going to want if you get the B52) and an ISP decimator. Along with all those i needed cables and a Pedal Power to power them + connect them all.

of course, maybe you dont need reverb and it will sound fine on its own for you 0.0

if i had to choose again, id still get the blackstar HT5

edit: the blackstar is also smaller/lower wattage and therefore more bedroom friendly

edit2: the b-52 weighs a !@#$ing TON. i almost killed myself getting it up the stairs.
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I personally own one. They are amazing for the price. Sounds like a higher end amp. They oculd easily charge more. If you're thinking about it for metal and pretty great cleans for a high gain voiced amp, it's for you. I have had no problems at all with it, other than buzz (i think it's the outlet i have it in. Not major but it's noticeable when the tv's not on or whatever) Totally great amp. Try one if you can but i'm pretty sure it'll fit you.
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I owned the 2x12 version. I'll will give you my review as completely neutral as possible.

I went looking for a new amp upgrade from the peavey bandit I had at the time. I went into guitar center, and was pointed towards this. I was a bit skeptical as this was about 3 years ago or so. When I dont think they had been out long. I wasnt sure whether to buy it or not due to it being a no name company at the time. But I went along with it. I give it a 10 on everything. The features were amazing, the tone, the gain. Everything. AMAZING.

I had the amp for about 6 months and ran intro a problem with it. When I played it at high volumes I heard a loud thud coming from the amp. I took it back under my year warranty, and they ordered me a new one, and even gave me a floor model to use until mine arrived. When I got mine back, mine was a newer model with the fan inside, which helped a lot.

Things went well for a while. About a year and half. Then one day I turned on the amp, and it immediately shut back off. This is where the nightmare began. I took it to a local shop. And then they told me one of the parts went bad inside. I got ahold of b-52 via email. They told me they would fix it for free if I sent them the amp at MY cost. Needless to say a 100lb 2x12 amp would cost a fortune to ship. I declined. I told them that it would be way too much to ship it to them. They keep insisting that I do so. So the tech I took it to found out what part was bad. He called b-52 and ordered the part. Well 2 weeks went by, and still no part. I contacted them myself and asked where the heck the part was that was ordered two weeks ago. I ended up finding out that they wanted to send the entire transformer instead of just the broken part. Well the tech didnt want to charge me for the whole thing when the one part was bad. So then they had to nerve to tell me that I needed the receipt to prove to them I bought the amp new, otherwise they would not send the part. So I had to call guitar center, track down the guy I bought it from and have him fax me the receipt so I could send it to them. Finally they sent the part. This was literally over a course of a 2 month period. In the mean time I went out and bought a mesa.

I guess my point of the story is that while the amp is good, you just better hope to god nothing ever goes wrong with it. B-52 has the absolute WORST customer service I've ever experienced in my life. They do not sympathize with any situation. They take weeks to make good on what they say they will do, and its near impossible to reach them anyway. So while the amp was great, having to deal with that company has turned me off forever. As soon as I got the amp back (which was fixed free of charge due to the circumstances of no communication and long wait) I sold it. And I visit the shop regularly and they have stopped servicing any and all b-52 products because of my experience.

Sorry to rant, I just like to let people know what they are going to get into behind the scenes. However, I cannot deny that the amp was superb.
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I've played through one for several gigs, and I was able to get great tones from my Les Paul out of it- clean, and also with my TS-9. I have also heard first hand of reliability problems, so I would recommend if you buy one, get the 3 year gold coverage from Musicians Friend- It's $70, but three years peace of mind is worth more than that.
Sounds good. I think I can manage to scrounge up an extra bit of money for a three year warranty - in three years, I'll either be doing gigs too big for it or not gigging at all. Either way, it sounds like a great amp for me. Thanks for the help!
its a good amp for the value

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