Ok dokie, BM Ronda Classical Acoustic guitar, made in spain in the late 60's, apart from that does anyone know anything about these guitars? I recently purchased one from a vintage guitar auction from Manchester for just over £300 as it played like a dream, but I was wanting to know a little more about it.

Made in Spain
Circa 1968

Thankyou =)
My wife was given a BM guitar when a schoolgirl over forty years ago. it has a lovely sound and is still regularly used. The interesting thing is that it was given to her as a present by her uncles brother, a Mr Burns, the maker of Burns Guitars, reportedly used by the shadows. I also would like more information as to the history of BM guitars. At present i have 4 that are played by my wife my son myself and grand children. I guess Mr Burns had a good ear.
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