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by: rush4life

I live in fear of the day
that my costume closet is empty
I'd have to spend each minute as myself;
greet people with a mechanical phrase
offer up a sweaty handshake
and explain how I'd love to play dead
but my batteries couldn't take it.
I'd have to quit smoking on mondays
drinking on wednesdays
and heaven forbid
I'd have to give up
having seven birthdays.
I'd have to fill all of my
newfound free time with things
like therapy, business magazines
and friendships made of
awkward moments.
"what's the big deal" you say?
have you ever tried walking on water
with your own two feet?

Late Shift
by: Bassbeat77

She's been performing
this nocturnal ritual
for what seems like
forever. Chuck Taylors
smack heartless pavement,
echoes back with sheer
indifference. Late night
beggars ask her for
bus fare but,
she knows they aren't
going anywhere.

She likes the glittering
of the broken
car windows on the
a luminescent disco
ball effect.
The concrete dancefloor
tastes fear in her

When the investigation
is over with, and
the papers file their
reports, the
articles will read
"Cause of death:
financial obligation"