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Of Suns and Stars
by kdownes

I'm waiting for the sound when it hits me
that unbearable noise of anger
and rejection. Complete abjection.
I watch the world turn
the only evidence is the sun dying
and the stars being born.
It's a beautiful process.

In a club with whisky eyes
and suitable lies
standing in line for more wine.
I'll tell everyone I'm feeling fine
just a little tired.
You know what, I'm fine.
Yes I am, fine fine fine.
You can't hurt me
with your sold-to-the-devil lips
or your jewellery.
I'll drink here and sleep
when the dawn comes.

Wake up with my feet on the floor
while from the other room
a man is shouting for more.
Apparently he is getting it.
So much screaming
tossing and turning
under my sheets
hoping this forecast
for better weather will
come true like it always never does.

-----Murder on the Dancefloor-----
by: Dæmönika

What started as a few misguided feet soon turns
into a beat-driven frenzied throng of
guilty pleasure. Bodies on bodies on flesh
and skin dripping sweet sweat and eyes drinking eyes.
It only takes a moment of broken movement and he's
underneath, caught deep and like a wild beast in heat
he's pounded in perfect crotchet beats. Though the floor
lies thick with expended life, the dancers
seem unaware of the strife as they twist and entiwine
a holy sea of concumbines, spine on spine, and blood
like wine trickles sluggishly down blinded faces.

Defining break-beat like charades the room changes
as body cracks against body to the shudder of bass
and thrum of discordant harmony, bones shatter
and arms fly into the air, hands in the air,
put your hands in the air. Walls quack and crack
as blood, skin and brains drench the floor but
the dj screams for more, there's only one place
this night can end; painted by bodies beyond mend.

Triumphant, the last crash of drums and chords bring down
walls and ceiling in a climatic blockbuster finale.
A single body hesitates upright, then collapses
in a final bow, the wail of sirens the last haunting sound.