Here's the deal: I'm building a Thinline Telecaster, and I was going to use my favourite pickup, a Swineshead AMP humbucker, in the neck position. It's a humbucker made with seperate Alnico V pole pieces instead of a bar magnet, giving a much clearer tone.

Swineshead haven't been taking orders for a while since they've been backlogged - they've just started taking orders again and they've more than doubled their prices. A black plastic humbucker used to be £40, now they're £85, and that's on top of a four week waiting time (they used to do each pickup in about two weeks). As much as I love their pickups, I really, really can not afford that.

So, anyone know of a neck humbucker that is either made in the same style as this or at least made in a similar style (i.e. seperate pole pieces, or other construction that gives a similar effect), and that is available easily in the UK for about £50? Might go up to £60 if I have to.
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Well my Tokai has Vintage 57 PAF Pickups that give a really nice clean sound but I've only been able to find a 59 model http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/sh-1n-59-model-humbucker/13153
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